3 Tips for The Successful Founder

3 Tips for The Successful Founder

Jane Baker is a multiple business owner and coach, the founder of The Success Lounge, the host of the Success Made Simple podcast and the online Behind the Success Show. She helps us understand how to combine the marketing strategies and sales processes that convert the leads.

ExpoTor: What kind of products/services are you offering? Do you have a website?
Jane: I'm a business coach and strategist, I help my clients create/launch high-end packages so they can make consistent high-end sales in their business and achieve the success they desire. I specialise in working with online service-based business owners. I offer one 2 one packages, group programmes, and online courses plus in-person retreats and workshops. I do have a website www.janebakercoach.com

ExpoTor: How do you market them? How do you monetize your business?
Jane: I market them mainly through social media, through my free trainings and also from referrals. I also do a lot of collaborations which help me get my name out there. I monetize my business by selling courses, packages, and workshops. I also have a range of merchandise which is monetized as well.

ExpoTor: Who is your target audience?
Jane: Online service-based business owners and coaches who are currently not making the sales they desire or aren't making the consistent sales they desire.

ExpoTor: Which marketing strategies have you applied and which ones were the most successful for you?
Jane: Using Facebook live and driving traffic to my Facebook group where I host trainings is by far one of the most successful strategies I use. But also collaborations is a very important successful strategy that I use, I collaborate with others in my or similar industries and I grow my audience that way.

ExpoTor: Have you ever tried the marketing through events? If so, what exactly and what was your experience? If not, why not?
Jane: I haven't with this business but I did with a previous business, I found the experience to be hit and miss. I found that with events there were plenty of people browsing but not necessarily buying.

ExpoTor: How do you measure your return on investment? If you participated in events and trade shows, we want to know how to do you measure your event ROI?
Jane: I measure return on investment in a really simple way, how much did I pay out vs. how much I made in return.

ExpoTor: Which were your struggles at the beginning and have you overcome them or are you still in the struggling mood?
Jane: Getting the sales was obviously my biggest struggle and I overcame them but going back to basics and remembering the fundamentals of why people buy, when I did that I was able to make sure I was selling exactly what my audience wanted and therefore made sales.

ExpoTor: Which are the 3 tips you want to give any future founder in your sector, or in general?
1. Be very specific about who you want to work with and ensure you're selling what they want
2. Collaborate with others to grow your audience quickly
3. Excite your audience and paint a picture of what will be possible for them

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