Are you a Creative? 3 Tips to Sell Yourself at Expos

Are you a Creative? 3 Tips to Sell Yourself at Expos

Entertainers, food and drinks designers, performers, fashion design students, florists, paper designers, and many more artists still do not know how to expose their creativity and finding the right clients at international trade shows.

Making sure you get the most out of an expo collaboration comes down to making sure that sales happen. First of all is about your personal branding which mostly happens on the internet nowadays. It’s not a secret that people buy into your brand before contracting your service.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you sell yourself to potential customers at expos:

1: Be open-minded - listen first

You can start with writing about your advice and experience right here, on our expo platform, or with a visit at any of the great shows in the MICE industry, such as IMEX, IBTM, BoE, PSI or VISCOM and – no hard sell – just talking and more importantly, listening to what the exhibitors and visitors say. People appreciate when you show interest in their work. They are more receptive to engaging with you if talk about them, first. Your first task is to find out what they do and how your work can bring them value. After such a creative analysis, you can come with proposals and ideas. It can often seem difficult at first to not actively sell how great your art/product/service is and why you love what you do but it is a successful path. Using the right body language - making eye contact and remembering to smile are all indicators that you are interested in what your potential customer is saying - faking it is not a solution.

2: Be a fresher - stay creative

Why are kids most creative? Are the professionals or the beginners more creative? For a creative, all projects start from scratch. Even if he had experience in similar situations, all exhibitors have different needs and exposure goals. The artist combines their goals and image with their own art by generating value and reaching, first of all, their client's goals. E.g. a cigar roller like Cristina Duerr from Germany can generate more leads just through her presence in your expo booth. You can ask her how right here:

3: Be flexible - offer solutions

After listening to what the potential customer has said and asking the right questions, you should be able to start thinking about how you can make that exhibitor’s life easier with your solutions. In a competitive marketplace, customers value a personal connection with a supplier they can trust to have their best interests at heart. You can always list your services, your experience, and your references on ExpoTor and start connecting with potential clients and talk to them afterward directly. Some collaborations can be based on service exchange and can generate more than financial benefits to the artists. Using their booth space as an advertising space for your work can generate a win-win-win situation for the exhibiting company, for you, and even for visitors.

Keep offering your creative service to international exhibitors using the link below:

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