Questions and answers

1. How do I get started?


You can always start with a free account to test out the platform and upgrade it as soon as you need it. Please read our terms and conditions before starting.

2. Who is paying a commission for the sales transaction?

There is no commission. Please read our Pricing site.

3. How do I find buyers for my products and services?

You can post your services and products in different cities, languages, packages but if you are writing articles about your event experiences or your products, you surely get noticed faster and get more orders. 

4. What does it happen if I can not deliver the order?

Please read our terms and conditions. ExpoTor is not involved in the buying, selling, delivery, and payment process between buyer and seller.

5. How do I find sellers/vendors for my projects?

You have two possibilities: first, which is better, to post your request, called by us, project or second, to search for them and send them your requests.

6. What does it happen if I want to cancel the order? 

Please read our terms and conditions. You can not cancel the order in our system. You have to agree with your seller.

7. About what may I write my articles?

You may write about anything in the export and MICE industry.


For other questions, please read our Terms and conditions, you can always send your questions to mail (AT)ExpoTor (DOT)com