How does work?

How does work?


ExpoTor is an online marketplace that brings expo talents, trade show vendors and exhibitors together. It connects buyers and vendors, by providing a platform that allows vendors to bid on projects and contract work. Exhibitors or buyers can select the best service at the best price. Vendors can list their services and share examples of their work, and buyers can browse and contact suppliers directly. This platform is only for B2B.


For Buyers such as Exhibitors / Show Organizers / Visitors:

Post your request as a project using this form. Browse the offerings of lots of established trade show vendors and choose the right partner for your project. You can connect directly and contract their services right through the site. Whether you are looking for an interpreter, model or stand construction company, you can search for the desired service and book it, or simply post your project and decide which offer fits best to you.


For Sellers such as Event Vendors / Freelancers / Exhibition Professionals:

Create a profile to bid for projects and share examples of your work in your blog section. You can list your services, post projects and hire other contractors right through the site. ExpoTor opens up a world of international projects for you to share your expertise.

The easiest way is to offer as many services as possible using this form. This helps to sell faster your services and products. We also invite you to send your best and reliable offers to the listed projects.


WHAT are your benefits and WHY you should use ExpoTor?

  • ONE platform FOR ALL your expo needs
  • payment directly between buyer and seller / without commission for ExpoTor
  • direct communication between the buyer and seller during the booking process
  • transparent quality through real customer reviews
  • international profitable deals
  • fast and multilingual customer service


FULL-SERVICE for exhibitors or other buyers:

No time to search? No time to submit your own projects? Contact us through this form with all the details and you will get an answer as soon as possible.