3 things that destroy your tradeshow presence

3 things that destroy your tradeshow presence

The exhibitor has two important assets: the booth and the team. As an exhibiting company, your trade show booth itself is one of your important assets and it should speak to the visitors as well. Your whole team needs to be prepared, but especially the marketing and salespeople are brainstorming and planning a lot upfront. They need the creativity to build a retable expo booth.

Your booth and your team in the booth should speak the same language. It does not make sense to invest in an expensive construction if your team is not well-trained and prepared for all kind of user cases.

What kind of things can be noticed at a tradeshow team sometimes: 

Ego and arrogance - sometimes the few persons in the booth are busy with their cell phones or eating, talking to each other and letting the visitor, literally, wait and ask loud for some help. Even if you think that your products are great and they sell without your selling skills, not being polite can be interpreted differently and it can influence your KPIs.

Insecurity - especially first-time exhibitors, and maybe also in a technical field, feel insecure in approaching the show visitors. In this case, it is always recommended to team-up for the event with professionals who can convert your booth visitors in the right leads. The best event talents do not need micromanagement and get the things done before you are even thinking of them.  

Lack of focus and empathy - without clearly defined objectives it does not make sense to exhibit. Staying focused on your objectives and at the same time being emphatic with the potential future customers´ needs, makes you a role model for the team and also for the external people working with you just during the event.

Author: Press A.
Company: ExpoTor

Industries: MICE Industry


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