From Exhibitor To Exhibitor (E2E) - "likes don't pay the bills, sales do"

From Exhibitor To Exhibitor (E2E) - "likes don't pay the bills, sales do"

The goal of is to make exhibitors´ life easier by connecting them with the right events, service providers and that much-needed advice.

Not only first-time exhibitors can learn from Vanessa's experience but also the experienced ones. Vanessa Babuin is the Founder and Managing Director of Sonsee Woman, an eCommerce boutique focused on plus size woman's clothing, hosiery, and intimates. She is often involved in events and trade fairs with their products, and with a background in pattern design and development.

We were interested in her experience as an exhibitor and how she makes her events and trade shows participation successful.

ExpoTor: Which sale strategies do you use to market your fashion products or creations?
Vanessa: We use a mixture of digital marketing methods, influencer marketing, and tradition events and trade fairs.

Another confirmation that for the sales success finding the right mix of the marketing channels is most important.

ExpoTor: Let´s talk about social media. Are likes and followers on FB and IG enough to make your business profitable? Are the social media KPIs paying your bills?
Vanessa: Certainly not. We like to say "likes don't pay the bills, sales do".

ExpoTor: Do you sell your services for events?
Vanessa: Yes, we sell our products at the events we are involved in.

Some expos are B2B, others just B2C and most of them are B2B2C. Here, the exhibitors take the chance to present their show deals. Deals that are only available in their show booth. So, visiting trade shows can bring you not only innovative products, next trends but also the best deals.

ExpoTor: Do you offer your creations in online marketplaces? Why not / what are your experiences if you do it?
Vanessa: Yes, we offer our products via our online store -

ExpoTor: What kind of marketing do you do online? How effective is it on a cost basis?
Vanessa: We do a mixture of social media marketing, influencer marketing, Google Ads and SEO. Each of these channels has there positives and negatives but are ultimately valuable for the business.

ExpoTor: If you could give a piece of advice to exhibiting companies at trade shows, what would it be?
Vanessa: We have found engagement with your audience to be one of the most important factors when it comes to exhibiting at a trade show. Consider how you can get people interested in a conversation around your product or service, rather than simply looking for instant sales.

Visit Vanessa`s website and find the perfect product for you or your friend:

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