4 Secrets To Stellar Trade Show Booth Design

4 Secrets To Stellar Trade Show Booth Design

Don't be jealous of someone else's booth at your next exhibition. Try some of these steps and have the most popular trade show booth on the day.

Get hands on

Have you ever noticed how people flock to activities? If you want a line at your booth then find a way to provide an interactive element to your booth. It can be as simple or as complex as you desire. For example, have walkers by spin a wheel of fortune for free gifts like branded pens and stress balls. Or on the simpler side bring along an iPad to run potential clients through your website and products as you talk to them about their needs.

Eye-catching design

There’s going to be a lot of competition to get your booth noticed. An eye-catching design is essential to reeling in exhibition patrons. There’s a lot of information out there on the use of colour in marketing and what certain colours say to a person. Look into the science of colour association and find out which one will best suit the vibe your stall is looking for. Steer clear of too much branded material within the small space as an overly loud and branded booth is more annoying than online popup ads.

Build an atmosphere

Imagine an open plan store in a shopping centre, like Apple computers or various phone providers. They’ve managed to create a relaxed business atmosphere using standing desks and bar stools while still ensuring a reliable, professional experience. Translate this into your trade show booth by setting up your own desk and seating arrangement. Customers are more likely to stay longer if they have a seat to engage in long conversations with the stallholder.

Follow the rules of the show

Before settling on a trade show booth design make sure to check the guidelines set out by the exhibition. There’s no point in a stellar booth if it’s not allowed to be set up on the day.

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