Can You be Exhibitor and Exhibitors Service Provider at the same Time?

Can You be Exhibitor and Exhibitors Service Provider at the same Time?

As exhibitor, designer or manufacturer in the furniture industry, you have the possibility to sell or rent your products or services to exhibitors in the other industries. Have you ever thought about that?

Let´s say you produce or design an outstanding product as chairs, walls, tables, carpets, etc. which can be used as an eye-catcher by an exhibitor at a completely different exhibition as you are used to attending. Why not use other kinds of tradeshows to advertise your product? Renting or selling your product as (e.g. chairs) to an exhibitor at (e.g. a medicine trade fair) could bring you customers from this field – if product-market fits.

But how do you apply sensory branding at a trade show booth in the furniture industry?

Nowadays you can give your business a stylish touch especially during a trade show. This strategy is called “sensory marketing”. It is based mainly on the five senses and sometimes also on the 6th one – the eco-sense. Sensory branding is used in every industry at trade shows to relate with customers and booth visitors on an emotional level.

How can you influence people to stop by your trade show booth/exhibition stand if you are a small or medium company with a limited marketing budget or you attend a show for the first time? Try marketing techniques that aim to seduce the visitor by using his senses to influence his feelings. Don´t forget that those decisions at trade shows are more than 80 percent based on feelings.

How important are the colors of your booth and products? Do you know that the eyes buy 70 or 80 percent of what people buy?

Shapes, light, and color are the first aspects of a booth that is noticed by a trade show visitor. Some companies provide lighting equipment, professional audiovisual systems and aquatic shows for trade shows with successful results.

Innovative lighting technology is presented by young designers exploring the possibilities of solar energy or natural phosphorescent materials to create futuristic illuminations.

TACTILE – Touch considers the physical and psychological interaction between the customer and the product. In the furniture industry, touch can be easily manipulated through materials, coatings, and weight to create a comfortable product. Exhibitors confirmed us that a lot of booth visitors firstly need to touch the product.

At trade shows, where design plays a core role, the range of materials available offers an endless variety of textures, tactile effects, colors, and services. These materials create unique textures and form the basis for the booth´s dynamic image.

Another trend for the tactile sense at trade shows in any industry is 3D or 4D paintings on the booth floor or on the walls, as well as a smooth couch Grand Piano by Gubi or a galaxy carpet by Pulpo Sofa.

AUDITORY – The second most used variable by marketing is the sense of hearing. Sound when matched with the product is a traditional way to make the customer positively remember it. Music can create a positive mood that influences customers to buy. There are a lot of analogies between colors and music. The world of color seems to be closely linked to the world of sound and music. Whoever wants to know and feel how wallpaper can sound, should have visited the DTI booth at Heimtextil Frankfurt.

OLFACTORY – A research study shows that in the short term we remember just 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, 15% of what we taste but 35% of what we smell. You could decorate your booth with herbs or flowers if you don´t book a food artist or cook at your booth. Exhibitors sometimes send artificial smells into the areas around the booth to increase awareness of their products.

GUSTATIVE – Taste fuses all the different senses together to create a holistic brand experience. Therefore name, presentation, environment, scent, sound, and texture must all be considered when branding with taste.

Taste is linked to emotional states, and so it can alter mood and brand perception. Gustative marketing is usually used (for obvious reasons) especially for food and beverage brands.

ECO-SENSE by Pregia STL – Design and décor objects for trade show booths that deserve precise aesthetic and functional research. With its Ecodesign Line, Pregia proposes a collection of décor products that combines aesthetic research and innovative design with the use of environmentally-friendly materials like cardboard. Pregia proposes a conceptually innovative and dynamic product that satisfies multiple designs and décor requirements at the same time.

Whether you are an exhibitor, product or booth designer, manufacturer or even exhibition visitor, you can expect your trade show experience in the furniture industry at similar trade shows to be:

Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan together with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition presents a wide and varied range of proposals showcasing 360° of domestic furnishing solutions both in terms of typology – from stand-alone pieces to coordinates and in terms of style, from classical design and modern –

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