How To Ace Off-Site Catering

How To Ace Off-Site Catering

Catering for events is a lucrative business and knowing how to handle any location is going to put you ahead of the pack. In your own kitchen or event space it’s easy to get everything right but what if your client wants your services off-site? They might be running a party from their office or opening a new business location like a store or warehouse. Here’s how to ace off-site catering every time.

Get organised!

Make a list and check it twice as Santa would say. You can’t afford to forget anything since it won’t be easy to pull out of thin air on the night. Visit the venue the day before and run through your list making sure everything is accounted for.

Set up staff zones

Depending on the scale of your event you might have multiple chefs and front of house staff. As an example, an office cocktail party might need 2 chefs, 3 waiters and 1 barman for 100 people. Give each their own area where they can spread out but won’t be in each other’s way. The last thing you need is a chef bickering with a barman over who has exclusive access to the sink.

Bring spares

Events are unpredictable. It’s your bad luck if a box of glassware gets broken and you didn’t bring enough. Or you didn’t think red wine would be the most popular drink. Especially with non-perishable items having spares is just common sense.

Allocate just a few staff

It’s likely your off-site venue will be nowhere near as big or convenient as your usual catering space. So excess staff will have nowhere to hide and very few jobs to do. Choose only a few trusted staff for your event who won’t mind adapting to a different space.

Storage & Furniture

A lot of the time hiring decor and equipment is the easiest route. But is it the most cost-effective? If you own a set of quality outdoor furniture you can bring it along to any event style and set it up as a green room for speakers, staff break area or offer it to the client when more people turn up than expected. Or look for outdoor storage boxes for a great way to transport and store equipment.

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