How To Use Social Media For Your Conference

How To Use Social Media For Your Conference

Create a catchy hashtag

There’s already a lot of hashtags out there so you need something memorable but unique. The perfect, non-confusing hashtag is simpler than it seems. Let’s do an example; if there were a media convention an obvious hashtag could be #mediaconvention, however is this too generic and could be used by someone posting at any media convention around the world. Here’s a few ways to make it more unique:

Use abbreviations e.g. #mediacon
Use capital letters e.g. #MediaCon
Include the year e.g. #MediaCon2018

The end result is a hashtag that’s both unique and easy to type or remember. Make sure it is PG-13 when all the words are strung together so you don’t end up with a hashtag fail.

Start using it before the event

A well-structured social media marketing campaign could bring in a lot more traction to your event. Have your speakers post on social media using your hashtag to promote the event before it’s even begun. Or send out teasers of things to come - events, talks, post-conference drinks - so that the hype around your event builds.

Use it for your sponsors

Most companies have a social media presence these days. Tagging major and even minor sponsors on every post gives them extra exposure to not only your attendees but anyone that searches your event.

Set up free wifi

Encourage all your attendees to use the hashtag on their tweets, photos and other posts. This helps create a community and is also an easy way to look back on your event at a later date.

If it’s free to log onto their social media and post large files like photos then attendees are much more likely to participate. If your aim is lots of attendee interaction then hire a photo booth to give them the incentive to take and post plenty of photos.

Get your hashtag noticed

Nobody will use your hashtag if they don’t know what it is. Print it on every pamphlet, schedule and sign for your event. If social media engagement is a focus of your event then make sure it’s a constant presence; have stickers printed and plant them on the chairs for your speaking panel so that your socials are always centre stage.

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