ProWein - how is the wine and spirits world shaping up in 2019?

ProWein - how is the wine and spirits world shaping up in 2019?

ProWein, the International Trade Fair for Wine and Spirits, is opening its doors for the 25th time for the international wine and spirits network for three days starting with March 17th. Nearly 7,000 exhibitors from 60 nations are showing the trends to over 60,000 international trade visitors from the retail, restaurant, and catering sectors. Prowein is showing the numbers where the most exhibitors are coming from Italy (1,700), France (1,650), Germany (980), overseas (700), Spain (620), Portugal (380), Austria (330).

Dessert-inspired Spirits for Millennials
In hall 7 under the name "same but different" you can find products that younger consumers, particularly millennials demand. This generation does not demand traditional beverages as their older peers but has shifted away from bitter and malt-based beverages to fruity and more exciting flavors. There’s growing consumer awareness of cocktails as experiences and more people – non-drinkers included – want to be part of. Socialising puts the focus on flavor and produce - it’s about the creative bartenders experimenting with their repertoire. By creating an experience, consumers are familiar with the brands and this can entice consumption from an early stage. At Prowein, special craft products exhibit with 100 providers of craft beers, spirits, and cider.

Technology - Sparkling the Future?
Champagne Lounge featuring nearly 50 illustrious Champagne producers; roughly 180 brands in all will be presenting in the ProWein's Champagne zone.
Wine Intelligence Ltd (in hall 9 / E02) is predicting "over the next 5 years, supply should increase by about 50%, assuming no major growing season disasters, to around 4.5 million bottles (...) At this level, and with most product selling for over £20 a bottle retail, the English sparkling community will be facing off directly against the might of Champagne, which currently sells 32 million bottles in the UK and produces an impressive 300+ million bottles a year." The Brexit situation might bring some changes but "Wine Intelligence is going to make its first contributions in the category."

Wine Tasting - Experience and Tourism
In Europe alone, food and wine tourism was the main motive for 600,000 trips annually, said the UN’s World Tourism Organisation in 2017. And at ProWein, you can replace such a wine tasting trip around the world just in one day – from vineyard yoga to wine-and-food pairing sessions. A large tasting zone has once again been established to present the winning wines from the spring edition of MUNDUS VINI in the hall 17 / A51 – B52-A.

Organic, Vegan or Biodynamic Wine - a Growing Trend?
France is one of the biggest markets in this category. Here, organic wine producers make around 9% of the total vineyard surface area. At the international level, organic wine sales have seen an average annual growth of 20% over the last 7 years. The world's leading international organic wine associations are offering an organic area to highlight more than 300 providers of organic wines. You can find the exhibitors in this category in almost every hall.

Image credits: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

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