Where should you network in the energy industry?

Where should you network in the energy industry?

Although we are in a world where more and more renewable energies are gaining strength, hydrocarbons continue to be the engine of humanity. Substances such as petroleum produce elements as different as plastic, gasoline or asphalt. Also, the gas warms us and helps to cook. For all these reasons, hydrocarbons continue to be a benchmark in the market, as well as being very expensive and having a highly specialized industry.

Latin America is an oil and gas producing region. Venezuela, located in South America, has the largest oil reserves in the world. Brazil and Mexico are also very important producers, and to a lesser extent, Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina. Gas is also very important in the region, with Venezuela having the most reserves, followed in the distance by Brazil.

AOG-ARGENTINA OIL & GAS EXPO is held every two years in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. This exhibition is one of the most important in the region and lasts for four days. Here are some of its most outstanding characteristics.

Specific focus on professionals
In exhibitions of this type, the professionalization of the public is important. Although the oil market is extremely interesting, only the experts handle all the details of it. Although the entrance is free, the exhibition is focused on the professionals of the sector, who can be exporters, distributors, consultants, engineers, suppliers, marketing experts, sales, legal advisers, government officials, among others.

Varied participation in a good space
At this fair, there are approximately 250 exhibitors. For a market as closed in a region as Latin America, it is a very high number. All of them coexist in a space of 35.000 square meters, where they receive approximately 20.000 visitors. The schedule in which the exhibition is held is from 2 pm to 9 pm, for four consecutive days.

Presence of multiple sectors
An industry such as hydrocarbons has hundreds of processes that are difficult to even imagine. This is why it is important that exhibitions such as this include various sectors, including the exploration of oil and gas fields, their exploitation and subsequent distribution. Transport, refining, marketing, and all suppliers of machinery for these processes are also represented.

Realization of different activities
An exhibition is not just to be in the stands. In events like this many conferences and activities are held. In this case, they are usually presented as panels, where people meet with CEOs, or to talk about issues such as sustainability and human resources. On the days of the exhibition, a Latin American Congress is also held on issues related to oil wells.

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