Why E-world is a must-attend show in the energy industry?

Why E-world is a must-attend show in the energy industry?

Do you dream in a world where there are only renewable energies?
While that happens, you can go to E-world energy & water

Fossil energies continue to dominate the world stage. In the vast majority of cases, when we turn on a light bulb, electricity comes from fossil fuels, which produces non-renewable energy that throughout its production process is extremely polluting. Although there are many renewable energies, their high costs mean that in most of the world thermoelectric and nuclear energy is still being used to supply electricity to a territory.

But despite the slowness with which these processes are carried out, the expansion of renewable energies is indescribable. As with any sector of the economy, there are important events of the MICE industry that receive all the best. One of them is the exhibition E-world energy and water that is realized in the German city of Essen annually, during three days in the month of February.

Some highlights of this show are:

Effectiveness in the way of doing business for who participates
In many cases, the number of participants in an event is not so important. Many potential clients what they visualize the most are the chances of success that they can have when they are participants of an event of this size. In the case of E-world energy and water, 98.8% of professional visitors attended the last edition. This makes success more guaranteed by being a specialized and willing to buy. In addition, satisfaction is measured in that 70% of participants made contacts to do business.

Categorization and internationalization of the participants
In the last edition of this event, participated 710 exhibitors and more than 25,000 visitors, which are really amazing numbers. But the highlight in this area is that exhibitors come from more than thirty countries, which shows the diversity in the field of renewable energy.
Almost half of the exhibitors belonged to the range of energy service providers, followed by technological information, energy trade, use and energy efficiency, and electricity generation. To a lesser extent, sales, transportation, and distribution representatives also participate.

Smart Energy
One of the great exhibition sectors of E-world energy & water is the so-called Smart Energy. This segment is Germany's largest exhibition on renewable energy. In addition to having more than 150 exhibitors, many conferences are held in this space on energy transition, new business models, security, among others.

E-World Innovation
The other large section of this show is called E-World Innovation. If you want to know what tomorrow will be like in the world of sustainable energies, taking a tour of this exhibition would not be bad. With 75 exhibitors, this section introduces companies with innovative products in the energy framework, as well as numerous debates and conferences on the energy of the future.

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