7 Reasons You Need A Culture Influencer™

7 Reasons You Need A Culture Influencer™

There is a lot of hype in Silicon Valley about the importance of culture. And while many companies, organizations, MBA programs and execs benefit from hiring culture specialists, many others are only bragging about their “passion” for “culture change” without really doing anything other than changing their titles from HR Managers to “People Specialists” or something along those lines.

So what are Culture Influencers™ and why are they suddenly so sought after?

1. Research Talks.
There are tens of years of research that shows the importance of a good organizational culture, but the tricky part is that “good” has changed meaning significantly throughout the years. During the industrial era, hierarchy and rigid communication were seen as indispensable for a business to be successful. It is the young entrepreneurs all over the world who have disrupted and obligated organizations to rethink leadership and hierarchy.

A Culture Influencer™ is a person who has a deep understanding of the way people relate to each other, and the way their values contribute to the relationships they need to create with their job, bosses, coworkers and customers.

2. Culture & HR.
Entrepreneurship and technology has been seriously disrupting the organizational system, to the point that even Human Resources admits the importance of treating employees like humans rather than consumable resources. However, as Deloitte reports, the gap between readiness and need for improvement is rather widening. “Business leaders gave HR a D-plus (an average of 1.32 on a five-point scale), while HR departments themselves “rated their teams the equivalent of a C-minus (an average of 1.65 on a five-point scale)”.

A Culture Influencer™ is able to listen with equal interest to employees and managers, establishes, adjusts and maintains the company culture, avoiding the conflict of interests in which HR personnel often gets entangled.

3. The Multicultural Culture.
Whether we like it or not, global economy is reaching a complexity that cannot be understood anymore by reading the news during lunch time. Businesses and teams include now people who are born and raised in very different cultures, defined by values and habits that are often misinterpreted or not leveraged properly.

Culture Influencers™ optimize professional relationships between culturally diverse employees. They are usually certified or skilled in intercultural management, which allows them to assess and integrate employees cultural values into the organizational culture.

4. Marketing and Culture.
Not only that your business is hiring talent from all over the world, which needs to be managed accordingly. Products and services also need to be sold differently according to the culture where they are marketed.
Culture Influencers™ help your marketing team identify what cultural particularities need to be addressed when marketing in a foreign country, as well as what kind of themes can be understood across cultures.

5.Culture & Expats.
Expat assignments can be stressful and lead to multiple errors that can cost companies money, time and even legal liability.
Culture Influencers™ use their people and intercultural skills to coach company founders, managers and HR professionals and help them develop their cultural intelligence. A comprehensive model has to include assessment and coaching of intercultural motivation, knowledge, strategy and behavior.

6. Globalization and Customer Culture in a Network Economy.
It used to be easy: throw a lot money into the marketing department, make lots of noise about your product, and people will have to buy it. While that might be still true in some remote villages, social networks have created a tough customer culture, and Culture Influencers™can help UX and customer retention by creating authentic, transparent and long lasting relationships with brands, products and services.

7. The Culture of Stress.
It well known that entrepreneurs experience one of the highest levels of stress while working under pressure and uncertainty.
Culture Influencers™ are trained to coach execs and employees to create and maintain a low-stress culture, which involves much more than the “balancing life and work” cliché.

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