Build Your Business with Events by Anna Osherov

Build Your Business with Events by Anna Osherov

How to create, plan, promote and execute SOLD OUT EVENTS that are guaranteed to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Do you want to be a dynamite business owner that builds their business one sold-out event at a time?

If you answered "YES" then let me show you the step-by-step process of a dynamite business owner that build their business with events.

The 6-step process a dynamite business owner follows to consistently sell out events

Step 1 - The 5C’s of Marketing Communication:

• Gain clarity over your overall business, your vision, mission, values, understand what stands in the way of you achieving your vision, look at fears and how to break through them.
• Gain clarity over your event; event vision, mission and intention

• Set goals and objectives, for your business and for your event. Setting goals will create commitment, commitment to yourself, to your business and to your customers

• Review who your customer is and who they are not. Get to know who they are, what they do and where they hang out.
• Understand how to communicate with your customer by gaining an understanding of their pr oblems, the solutions you provide to their problems and what are the outcomes your customer will achieve by working with you.

• The commodities are the products you sell in your business. Understand your product eco-system and where your event/events fit inside the business model.
• Review how your products fit into a journey that your customer can take with your business.
• Reverse engineer the pricing and positioning of your products to fulfil your set commitments.

• Create clear communication that will define you and your business, articulate the benefits and outcomes for your customer and attract the right customer to your event.
• Write content that gains conversion and makes sales.
• Understand where to place your communication and how to link the right communication channels to get the best results.

Getting this level of clarity will make it pos sible for you to confidently move forward with your workshops because you will know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will be able to set goals and measure results, you will know exactly who your customers are and how to engage them, you will have a clear product structure for the whole customer journey and you will be able to communicate it effectively.

Step 2 - Plan your workshop
• Develop the presentation content and practise the delivery
• Find the venue in which you can run your workshop, a venue that holistically caters to your needs
• Engage a crew of volunteers. Utilise your team so that you have support and so that you are able to support your customers
• Engage sponsors to help fund your workshop and develop strategic partnerships.
• Sort out the travel logistics
• Create a seating arrangement that will set the best possible environment for your attendees and your presentat ion
• Create a run sheet so that you and every one that is contributing to the workshop knows exactly what is happening on the day
• Invest in name badges and make them work for you, it will help you and the attendees to get to know each other better, however, the name badges can also provide your attendees information such as agenda and your contact details
• Organise photography and videography so you can review your performance and use the media for future marketing and promotion
• Organise the catering
• Set a budget
• Do all the pre-event admin
• Source a quality “Goodie Bag” so that your attendees and sponsors feel special and have something to take away from your workshop that will keep you front of mind

Step 3 - Promote
• Set up all the platforms you need to promote your event and sell your tickets: Event landing page, Ticket sales platform and booking page, Set up your event on Social Media and track engagement, set up automated email marketing and organise a CRM system to track your customers and grow your database.
• Promote on social media with a valid strategy
• Promote via email
• Promote face to face at your events and others events
• Promote via phone; sms and direct contact

Step 4 - Shine on the day
• Prepare physically and mentally to deliver the best possible workshop
• Set intentions with your crew
• Review and follow the run sheet
• Notify everyone of the logistics and housekeeping
• Deliver a great presentation, sell from stage and get conversion
• Get feedback
• Debrief with your crew
Step 5 - Follow Up
• Contact all attendees, sponsors and crew via email to thanks them and to remind them of the offer
• Brag about the event on social media and via email, c reate social proof and create FOMO for those that didn’t make it
• Have a one on one conversation with everyone interested in your on-sell product
• Debrief with crew and identify learnings
• Contact all who didn’t make it and let them know what they can access i.e. recording of the event, slides etc.

Step 6 - Improve: CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement
• Review all feedback
• Debrief with crew
• Identify learnings
• Implement improvement

By understanding and following this proven system, you get to fast track your results, boost your credibility, build your tribe, have an explosive impact and SELL OUT YOUR EVENTS!

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