How to effectively use Social Media to Promote Events

How to effectively use Social Media to Promote Events

Organizing a corporate event is not a piece of cake and what adds to the troubles is the promotion of that event. To reach your target audience is not as easy as it seems. But today social media makes it simple for us, and to use this opportunity is an art. The effectiveness of promotion through social media spreads like fire and the result it fosters are amazing. Most of the corporate event organizers use social media to promote their events, reasons being obvious. How can we use this gift from technology in the best of our interests depends on our outreach and planning. Following tips will ease the marketing process of corporate events:
1. Accurate Timing: Timing is the primary factor which affects any event. To reach large audience we need to start early. At least few months before the event we need to start our promotion to make it a grand success. Social media is a powerful tool for connecting people with each other. Thus it provides a great platform for event managers to promote their events.
2. Use Ads on social media: Use every possible advertising and promotional strategy available on social media networking. These are not only widely available online but are pocket-friendly as well. Getting the most of every opportunity available on social media will give us great result in minimum time. Videos on YouTube, Ads on Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites help us to connect with the target audience effortlessly.
3. Create an eye-catching hash-tag: Hash-tags are the trends these days. Using creative hash-tags to promote your event is an innovative idea today due to its familiarity amongst the young audience. Sharing your backstage and pre-event images and videos using hash-tags will attract your audience. But make sure that hash-tags are unique and engaging so that maximum possible social media users get attracted by these.
4. Discounts and contests: Hosting contests and other offers like free passes and services attracts audience. Everyone loves what comes free and if its free passes for your favorite event its worth your time. Organizing online contests will raise audience interest in the event. Despite of free passes discounts on tickets of early ticket bookers or your loyal regular followers will also make them feel valued.

Social media is a boon for event managers and it is very creatively used by most of the corporate event organizers. This creative and innovative platform of social media is an ideal way to promote your corporate event. Thus it’s very important to use these tips and stay safe from promotional disasters on the huge platform.

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