We work to make expo faces happy, ask us how - Happy Expo Day!

We work to make expo faces happy, ask us how - Happy Expo Day!

What makes you happy at a trade show? If you are exhibiting, maybe lots of great visitors, if you are visiting, innovative products, sitting spots and charging possibilities could be enough to be satisfied. Share what makes you happy with a tweet #HappyExpoDay

Over the years, we’ve discovered different reasons and those are the most often:

1. Getting New Customers
In 80% of the cases, this is the main reason for exhibiting at a trade show. It is about how to market your products and company in a place where the competitors are "sitting" next to you. Having the right sales approach not only to get new customers but also spreading the word about your company is not always easy/expensive. How do you generate enough traffic at your booth?

2. Creating Partnerships
A healthy business is all about the right strategic partnerships. Where if not at trade shows can you meet so many people from your industry in one place? When someone is telling us, trade shows do not have any impact on our business, we just help them thinking twice and they usually admit they are wrong. You just need to treat the big picture and getting that "sharing profit" with the companies that fit your business model could be the right option.

3. Charging Possibilities
Without enough charging possibilities in such a connected and IoT world, your expo can lose value. Nowadays are so many great suppliers with innovative solutions in this aspect that you, as an organizer, can just not apologize if not offering such a service. Finding a charging station and a sitting spot on the show floor is like a "life-saving" offer. Well, there are smart organizers combining those with advertising to get a new revenue stream.

4. Offering High-Speed Free WiFi
Lots of organizers are offering "free" WiFi - which makes you always happy, right? But when you notice that it is not working, it does not really help you. The answer you mostly get is "sorry, there are too many people using it right now". Really? Is this the answer we need in such a high-tech world? We talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but not good enough to offer a useful WiFi connection?

5. Wowing with Promotional Items
Offer anything for FREE and see the smiling faces. Isn´t this making you happy as well? Do you remember that first promotional item you got? What was it? A pen? Do you read the names/websites of the companies on those items after years and remembers you at the event? We notice one great experience at The Tire Show in Cologne with the exhibitor TVS. He was offering great bags with few nice free items in it. Giving the bag with that something just made really everyone smile. What is your best experience? Write about it in our blog and share it with the expo experts around the globe.

Happy Global Exhibition Day! At which expo are you celebrating it?

UFI created this amazing Expo Day that involved thousands of sector professionals from 74 countries, Global Exhibitions Day has now become an international annual event.

Global Exhibitions Day is celebrating the trade fair sector and its impact on the economy. Former UFI president Cliff Wallace saw the influence of this industry on the political level as well: “The big challenge we all face is educating our governments. UFI is the best resource to demonstrate this.” UFI managing director Kai Hattendorf told “The day is about raising awareness to key stakeholders in markets around the world about the enormous value of the exhibition industry. We’re asking the industry to mark the day by creating stories and messaging that promotes this.”

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