Where the Colors Meet... The Trends in the Printing Industry

Where the Colors Meet... The Trends in the Printing Industry

Do you work in the digital or screen printing sectors for graphics, signage, décor, packaging, industrial, corrugated and textile applications and you want to know what are the future trends? Are the printers are using different approaches to face the changes? What new workflows are they adapting? To find those answers and many more, you must attend FESPA 2019 Europe, which is opening its doors this time in Munich from May 14th to 17th. It is Europe’s largest exhibition for the wide format print industry. Where over 700 exhibitors showcase their innovations.

All manufacturers and vendors are focusing on creating a better customer experience, increasing the mobility and reshaping the industry. Most of them are developing their IT strengths and prepare for the new technologies. What about the mix between the 3D printing and the traditional products - who are the players on this? What role will sustainability play in the new business models?

The trends we can notice, now before FESPA Berlin:

1. Smart Printing can help SMEs to improve their workflow with a higher productivity through multi-functional printers. Even challenges like cybersecurity and data privacy while developing new tech stack like augmented reality (AR) for print will play a big role. Those functionalities are implemented to benefit manufacturers as well as consumers. No more downtimes and a more efficient process. The development of the software will play a big role for all the printer manufacturers. It´s all about speed and innovation. The printing manufacturers take the needed input from the IT industry. The digitization of paper-based processes is accelerated.

2. Machine learning processes embrace cybersecurity. Protecting the print environment today through authentication and intrusion detection can be challenging due to its complexity. Big data is not new to this industry. The manufacturers are using it to support the proactive customer experience. We expect to see techniques applying data mining and artificial intelligence at the next products. The risk can be reduced through machine learning which shows us some print security integrations at some of the manufacturers.

3. Voice recognition is still a new concept not only in the printing industry but some of the players are implementing existing solutions. The development of this function will be more visible in the next 2-3 years.

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